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  • Are you a hunting agent or an outfitter?
    Maybe your client plans to go hunting to Russia, and you need to take care about trophy shipment.
  • Or – you bought a ready mount in the hunting store and need
    to ship it to another country.
  • Or maybe you are a weathered hunter and plan to go to Russia or Asia all by yourself. You will still need to ship that trophy back home to your country.
Stalker Trophy - stalker trophy export

We are there to help you!

We have been arranging
hunting trophy shipment
for over 6 years

The Stalker Trophy Company provides legal hunting trophy shipment all over the world for over 6 years. Owing to the large experience, we know all traps and pitfalls and are able to ship the trophies from any country right to the hunter’s home without any troubles.

Our Team has many years’ working experience and we are always ready to help the hunters out at any stage – whether that be a hunting trip organization, or sorting out any kind of difficulties occurred during unaided trophy shipment. We give the best of ourselves to make the whole complicated process clear for the client. We know firsthand how hard it is sometimes to bag the desired trophy; and that is why we are ready to devote our energy to deliver it quick and without undue delays to the destined spot in your trophy room.

Stalker Trophy Export

We will explain all costs and
guarantee these won’t change

No hidden costs and extra payments will occur. We will provide a detailed calculation of trophy shipment with explanation on every entry. Our price will not grow once announced.
Stalker Trophy Export

We will prepare a complete
package of documents and certificates

Trophy shipment requires many documents according to the international regulations. However you don’t need to worry about it – we will prepare all necessary documents and certificates, including CITES and veterinary papers.
Stalker Trophy Export
Documentation package example

We will provide full range
of services after your hunt, including taxidermy

Besides the shipment services, we can work on the turnkey basis – starting from the trophy delivery from the hunting camp and up to the ready mount made in our own taxidermy studio and shipment to the hunter’s door. It saves money for the trophy conservation and saves total time necessary to receive a ready trophy.
Stalker Trophy Export
Trophy mount examples

Our Services

Stalker Trophy - Trophy Import To Russia

Trophy Import To Russia

Organization of trophy import to Russia includes:
  • Supervision over the trophies (from the moment of harvesting and further till delivering to the hunter’s home);
  • Communication between the outfitter, taxidermy studio, handling agent, and customs agent;
  • Instruction for the documentation processing;
  • Providing the forwarder with all necessary information.
Stalker Trophy - Trophy Export from Russia

Trophy Export from Russia

Trophy shipment from Russia includes several main stages:
  • Instructing the local outfitters how to process the basic veterinary documentation;
  • Getting the trophies ready for the exportation according to the regulations of the destination country (conservation or tanning);
  • Packing the trophies according to the international regulations of IATA;
  • Processing the export veterinary and customs documents, including the search operations;
  • Controlling the European exportation documents;
  • Delivering to the airport and registration for the flight;
  • Sending the copy of the AWB to the consignee representative.
Stalker Trophy - Taxidermy Services

Taxidermy Services

Stalker Trophy prepares various size mounts of the different bird and animal species – shoulder mount, life-size mount, wall hanging, pedestal. We undertake a commitment to make a high quality mount within the shortest terms.

Stalker Trophy Team includes SCI Master Measurer. We can measure your trophy according to the SCI methods and even help you to register your records with the acknowledged international hunting societies.

Trophy export value

Brown Bear
To Europe: €1090
To USA: $1230
To Europe: €1050
To USA: $1175
To Europe: -
To USA: $1175
Snow Sheep
To Europe: €955
To USA: $1065
Siberian Ibex
To Europe: €1055
To USA: $1185
To Europe: €1195
To USA: $1425
Red Deer
To Europe: €1195
To USA: $1425
Roe Deer
To Europe: €835
To USA: $940
Feather Game
To Europe: €650
To USA: $820


The STALKER Group performs trophy forwarding services starting from the moment of harvesting and up to delivering the trophy to your country
and passing it to your broker. Our Company provides all export licenses and freight accompanying papers.
We also monitor the cargo movement during the whole trophy forwarding process.

The trophy exportation from Russia consists of several stages and demands additional costs. Here are the main shipping stages and cost components:

Field preparation
Before skinning, the trophy has to be measured . It is very important to explain to your guide how you want the skin to be cut (in full or half) and which parts of the trophy you want to keep (e.g. hoofs, tail, back skin etc). Sometimes small trophies (for example, birds) can be frozen in full and later delivered to the taxidermy studio for professional skinning and preparation. Ulsually, the hunt cost includes this stage
Transportation to the local taxidermy studio for further preparation (preservation) or for complete stuffing and mounting
The trophy is also packed and prepared for further cargo transportation. It is necessary to choose the taxidermy studio in advance, whether it is a Russian one or your local one. We can provide a list of reputable studios together with the pictures of ready mounts. If the field preparation has not been performed in the hunting region or it has not been completed, then it is necessary to do the following: clear all fat and flesh off the skin; prepare the skin of the head of the trophy (ears, lips, eyes, nose etc.); salt and dry. The following procedures are hard to performin the fields; that is why they are usually carried out at the taxidermy studio: boiling and bleaching the skull; special treatment of the skins and skulls with insecticides; tanning and preparing up to your request or our recomendations ; packing. It should be realized that the final quality of the mount depends highly not only on the skills of your taxidermist, but also on proper preliminary skin cleaning and tanning.
Customs processing
Costs of customs processing include broker services and customs fees. This part is paid according to the invoices
Veterinary certificates processing.
The following documents are necessary to export the trophy from Russia.

All paper work is included in the price of the Stalker Group services.

Transportation to the Moscow airport from the taxidermy studio
The cost of transportation depends on the weight, size and number of packages.
Air transport
The cost of transportation depends on weight and size of the cargo. The minimum possible weight to be paid for totals 15.0 kilograms (regardless of the real weight). The cost is estimated by the larger between the gross weight and the weight by volume. The costs include terminal cargo handling and other fees (fuel levy, conveyance charge etc.)
Customs processing
Costs of customs processing include broker services and customs fees. This part is paid according to the invoices
Customs processing

We have partners in 56 countries all over the world.

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About us

Stalker Group Company provides full range of high quality export services for the hunters, including:

  • Dip&pack according to the international veterinary control regulations;
  • Temporary storage;
  • Legal representation at the customs and customs clearing of the export cargo;
  • Full set provision of documents necessary for the trophy shipment to the recipient country;
  • Taxidermy works and further ready mount shipment consultancy;
  • Trophy location control and shipment coordinating activities;
  • Up-to-date information regarding the trophy location at any time.
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««To share the culture, traditions and customs of other nations is always exciting and even challenging. But we in the hunting World believe to go and experience the most popular touristic places of the country like city centers, opera and ballet, gallery events etc is just a cherry on the cake top. You’ll never know the real charm and essence of a country if you see only the best of its achievements. To get closer, to feel the heartbeat one should come and see common people with their everyday life, their needs, difficulties, habits… Being a hunter you have a splendid opportunity to experience all of this in any country you come to.»

Evgeny Kharitonov
General Director
PhD in Biology
SCI Master Measurer

Uvkina Anna
Hunting Trophy Specialist

Vadim Plaksin
Wildlife biologist
SCI Official Measurer
Safari Club International

Customer Feedback

Alexander Arapoglou

USA, 2016

Trophies – Cuban Tur (Capra caucasica), Caucasian Chamois (Rupicapra rupicapra caucasica).

Cost of shipment to Los-Angeles - $730.

«I am delighted to hear from you and look forward to my hunt with Stalker Group in August. I had a wonderful experience hunting for Kuban Tur and Caucasian Chamois.

I would be very happy to provide references for both the hunt and the follow up trophy service. In fact, my taxidermist in the US was very complimentary of the condition that the cape and horns arrived in. »

Johan Adolfsson

SWEDEN, 2015, 2016

Trophies – Two Cuban Tur (Capra caucasica, Capra cylindricornis).

Cost of shipment to Stockholm - € 675.

«I will highly recommend Stalker Trophy! And have always been 100% satisfied. They have given me very good service and a lot of consideration. »

Grant Taylor

Republic of South Africa, 2015

Trophies – Brown Bear floor rug (Ursus arctos).

Cost of shipment to Johannesburg - $840.

«The Stalker Trophy helped me export my brown bear trophy. They were quick, efficient and very well priced and would not hesitate to use them again in the future».

Alfred Wynn

USA, 2012, 2013

Trophies - Two Cuban Tur (Capra caucasica, Capra cylindricornis) and a Mid-Asian Ibex (Capra sibirica alaiana).

Cost of shipment to Houston - $850

«I would highly recommend “Stalker Trophy”!»

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  • Is the delivery price all-inclusive, or there might be additional costs?

    The basic trophy shipment cost covers delivery of your trophies to the recipient airport and includes the following:

    • Pick up;
    • Export permit execution;
    • Export veterinary certificates execution;
    • Customs broker service;
    • Custom fees;
    • Warehousing;
    • Delivery to the airport;
    • Airway bill execution.

    Dip&pack and export CITES are to be paid additionally.

  • How much time does it take to deliver my trophy?

    The “Common” (not CITES) species usually take 2-3 months to deliver. It takes one more month to prepare the CITES documents

  • My trophies do not need to be treated at the taxidermy studio; they have been taken care of at the hunting camp.

    Hunting trophies are on the list of goods subject to veterinary control. When being exported to the European, American and other countries, they have to meet the strict requirements of these importing countries. Our taxidermists treat the trophies according to all international export regulations and pack them properly, thus providing 100% guaranty of delivering the trophy to the addressee.

  • Is it easier to ship ready mounts?

    It does take less time, because finished taxidermy goods do not require export permits. The carpets and mounts undergo full taxidermy processing which eliminates the risk of importing animal diseases. Requirements for the tanned skins are not so strict, either.

  • Do I need to get CITES permit if I’m going to ship the claws of a bear only?

    Export CITES permit is required for “any readily recognizable part or derivative thereof specified in Appendix”. In other words, the CITES permit is required both for a ready full mount and for the claws of the bear.

  • Who will take care of the exported trophies upon their arrival in my country and prepare all import documents?

    The whole process of importation to the recipient’s country is supervised by our partners – local custom brokers. The paperwork starts well ahead the shipment, using the copies of export documents. Please note that custom brokers’ services are paid separately.

  • When should I take care about the trophy shipment: prior to the hunt or after the actual trophy is down?

    It is better to take care about the trophy shipment before your hunting trip. The trophy itself often costs you more than all the travel expenses. Its shipment requires additional time and money to be spent. You should decide in advance, where you prefer to make your mount – in the destination country or back in your home country, or maybe in some other country. The documentation package and logistics will fully depend on this decision.

  • What’s so complicated about the trophy shipment? Can’t I just take my trophy back home as a luggage?

    The trophy shipment is a complicated procedure because the trophy needs to be processed in a certain way in order to go from one country to another. Without this processing, the destination country can refuse the importation and the country of origin can refuse the exportation of the species. Besides that, certain veterinary documents need to be prepared, which demands a lot of time. For example, the CITES for certain species might take up to several weeks or even months to be issued (African species).

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